A frenum, which is a connective tissue attaching the tongue, lip, or cheek, can sometimes be excessively tight, thick, or short. This condition, known as frenulum pull, can contribute to localized areas of gum recession and create gaps between teeth. Fortunately, a frenectomy, a simple surgical procedure that excises the frenum, can easily correct this issue. With minimal post-operative discomfort, the frenectomy takes less than fifteen minutes to complete.

A diastema, which is a large gap between teeth, can also result from an unusually tight or thick frenum that attaches too close to the teeth. We can combine a frenectomy with orthodontics to correct this problem and achieve optimal oral health.

A tight frenum can constrict normal tongue motion, causing gingival pull and even affecting speech in severe cases. By eliminating this attachment, proper tongue movements can be restored, eliminating gingival pull and promoting overall oral health. At Everbright Dental, we offer frenectomy as a safe and effective solution to restore proper oral function and maintain healthy teeth and gums. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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