Deep Cleaning

A wide range of people are affected by periodontal disease, but it is treatable. While periodontal disease cannot be cured, our team at Everbright Dental can perform a deep cleaning, also known as scaling and root planing, to help treat the condition.

Scaling and root planing involves the gentle removal of plaque, bacteria, and tartar attached to the root structure and within the deeper periodontal pockets. Our dental hygienist or dentist may use a topical or local numbing agent to ensure your comfort during the procedure. This treatment helps the tissue stabilize and heal, and it minimizes bleeding and inflammation caused by bacteria and tartar.

The goal of scaling and root planing is to prevent further bone loss and tissue fiber destruction. After the treatment, we schedule ongoing maintenance care visits to ensure the disease does not recur and progress further. Our team of dental professionals is dedicated to providing you with the most effective treatment for periodontal disease.

If you are experiencing symptoms of periodontal disease, contact Everbright Dental today. We will assess your oral health and recommend the most appropriate treatment plan for you. Don’t let periodontal disease go untreated – let us help you achieve optimal oral health.

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