Ceramic Braces

A straight smile is essential to maintaining optimal oral health and enhancing your self-confidence. Traditional metal braces have long been the go-to option for orthodontic treatment, but now there are many alternatives available, including ceramic braces.

Ceramic braces are a popular and effective option for those who desire a discreet and less noticeable way to straighten their teeth. These braces are made of clear or tooth-colored materials, which blend in with the natural color of your teeth, making them much less visible than traditional metal braces.

Compared with metal braces, ceramic braces have one significant difference: the brackets are made of ceramic or porcelain rather than metal. These brackets are glued to the front of your teeth, and an archwire connects the brackets together. Drs. Kenneth Kim and Sojin Kim will adjust the archwire periodically to gradually shift your teeth into the desired position.

Among the advantages of ceramic braces are: 

  • They are less noticeable. 
  • An excellent option for people who want to straighten their teeth but are self-conscious about the appearance of traditional metal braces. 
  • The brackets are less abrasive and less likely to irritate the gums and cheeks than metal braces.
  • They are effective in treating a wide range of orthodontic issues, including crowding, spacing, and bite problems. 
  • Suitable for patients of all ages, from teenagers to adults.

It’s important to note that ceramic braces require good oral hygiene habits, just like traditional metal braces. Patients should avoid eating hard or sticky foods that can damage the brackets. Regular brushing and flossing are also essential to prevent staining of the brackets.

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